Gifts of Artwork for the New Cancer Center

In September 2017, the new Cancer Center of Santa Barbara will open at 540 W. Pueblo Street – unifying the newest technology, physicians and patient-centered cancer care under one roof. The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara invites local artists and art collectors to consider making a gift of art to not only help transform the new Center’s most visible spaces, but also to enrich the healing experience of patients, their families, and the care teams working in the new Center.

Given the sensitive nature of our work, we have formed an Art Committee to carefully consider each submission. Several factors will determine whether we can accept a piece of art. Is it soothing, engaging and visually appealing? Will it be appreciated by all age levels? Does it fit into our existing themes?

We have created the following guidelines to help potential art donors evaluate the appropriateness of a piece of art for the new Cancer Center:

Art that promotes a healing environment:

  • Waterscapes
  • Flowers
  • Landscapes
  • Positive cultural artifacts
  • Photography
  • Preference will be given to local artists, art related to the Central Coast/California region

Unsuitable art content:

  • Abstract art that conveys ambiguity or uncertainty
  • Challenging images
  • Dark shadows
  • Sharp edges
  • Emotionally negative or provocative subject matter
  • Surreal qualities
  • Closely spaced repeating edges or forms that are optically unstable or appear to move
  • Restricted depth or claustrophobic-like qualities
  • Outdoor scenes with foreboding weather


Art Donation Submission Process

There is no limit to the number of pieces a given donor/artist may submit. Artists and art collectors that are interested in submitting art are asked to provide the following with each submission:

  • High resolution photo of the art piece
  • Size (dimensions)
  • Medium & Substrate
  • Name of the artist
  • Whether it is framed or unframed

For more information or to submit artwork, please contact one of the following individuals: 

Lori Willis
Executive Director at Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara

Dru A. Hartley
Director of Philanthropy at Sansum Clinic

Recognition of Art Donations

The Art Committee will make art selections and determine where selected artwork will be placed within the new Cancer Center. Donors will be recognized with a small plaque placed on or near the donated piece. We plan to host tours of the new Cancer Center upon completion of construction when the public will have an opportunity to see the building, artwork and Healing Garden.