About Us

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center has been at the forefront of comprehensive outpatient cancer care in the Santa Barbara area for more than 60 years. Our highly trained and devoted physicians and staff integrate the latest technology and treatment protocols with comprehensive supportive care programs to provide every opportunity for successful treatment, recovery and a healthy return to the activities that enrich life. We know that a cancer diagnosis and treatment can bring a myriad of challenges and changes to patients, their families and friends. With this in mind, the Cancer Center offers:

We are committed to advancing clinical science while providing an integrated approach to oncology care. Our commitment to provide cancer care for individuals in our community, regardless of their ability to pay, has been a fundamental principle since our founding. In an era where decisions about investments in new technology are often based on potential profits and losses, the Cancer Center maintains its dedication to excellent oncology care that is focused on the patient and the family.

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