Sansum Clinic is our community’s primary provider of healthcare. Our neighbors, friends and families depend on us. While not everyone at Sansum is responsible for health, we’re all responsible for the care of our patients and our co-workers.

We want our patients (and our staff!) to start feeling better, before they even walk in the door! Caring for our patients begins with the first phone call or first interaction, so that every moment with Sansum is a moment on the road to wellness. And that only happens if we all commit to it.

We know that many people would rather not be visiting Sansum Clinic. Many come to us because they are sick and not feeling well. They might not be in a great mood. You might be the only ray of sunshine in their day! It is amazing what a smile, a kind word and a whole lot of patience can do for someone when they are down. Let’s do that for all our patients, and each other.

WE CARE is a simple acronym to guide how we interact with patients and one another. It’s a reminder for us all as Sansum Clinic employees, to commit to:

Welcome warmly and sincerely

Greet people with a smile and use their names if you know them. Introduce yourself politely. Tell others who you are and how you are going to help them. Escort people where they need to go rather than pointing or giving directions.  Attitude is everything. Create a lasting impression.

“Good morning/afternoon, Ms. Jones. We’ve been expecting you and we’re glad you are here.”

Engage wholeheartedly

Engage in meaningful ways with those you come into contact with.  

“Mr. White, Dr. Williams would like you to have an X-ray in our radiology department. We have an excellent team of radiology technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment. I’m confident you will have a great experience.”

Communicate the plan

Commit to effective, thorough communication. Keep in touch to ease waiting times. Let others know if there is a delay and how long it will be. Make it better and apply service recovery methods when necessary.

“Dr. Heart had to attend an emergency. He was concerned about you and wanted you to know that it may be 30 minutes before he can see you. Are you able to wait or would you like me to schedule an appointment for tomorrow?”

Ask questions to deepen understanding

Ask questions in order to ensure that patients’ needs are addressed and met to the fullest extent possible, in the most timely fashion possible.

“I notice that you are currently taking a few medications. Do you have any questions about those, or are you experiencing any side-effects that you’d like to discuss with our Prescription Navigator?”

Reassure best interests are in mind

Advise others what you are doing, how procedures work and whom to contact if they need assistance. Communicate any steps they may need to take. Talk, listen and learn. Make time to help. Ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“The test takes about 30 minutes. The first step is to drink this solution and then we’ll have you wait 20 minutes before we take a blood sample. Would you like to read while you wait?”

Exit with appreciation and thanks

Foster an attitude of gratitude. Thank people for their patronage, help or assistance. Use recognition tools with the teams you work with.

“Thank you for choosing Sansum Clinic. It has been a privilege to care for you.”