Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara Board of Trustees

The Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara has been the partner and financial backbone of Ridley-Tree Cancer Center since its inception in 1949, and is governed by the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara Board of Trustees:

Frank Foster, Chairman
Sue Birch, Vice Chairman
Patty MacFarlane, Treasurer
Brier Turpin Allebrand, Secretary
Denny Bacon
Kristen Blabey
Andy Chou
C. Michael Cooney
Shane Cotter, MD, PhD
Larry Dam
Vicki Hazard
Priscilla Higgins, PhD
Fred Kass, MD
Bill Meeker
Val Montgomery
Charlie Petersen
Amalia Priego
Kimberly Schizas
Thomas H. Weisenburger, MD, FACR

As part of Sansum Clinic, the Cancer Center is governed by the Sansum Clinic Board of Trustees:

Janet A. Garufis, Chair
Arnold R. Schaffer, Vice Chair
Stephen Jones, Vice Chair
Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP, CEO and Chief Medical Officer
Chad Hine, COO and Secretary
Alex Bauer, Chief Financial Officer

Public Trustees
Michael L. Bernstein, MD
Bret E. Davis, MD
Christine Garvey
Vicki Hazard
Tom Kenny
Ronald G. Latimer, MD
Marty McDermut
Steve McHugh
James McNamara, MD
William Meeker
Art Merovick
Val Montgomery
David A. Raphael, MD
George Rusznak
George Short

Honorary Trustees

J. Thomas Fly
Maryan Schall