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Hidden Heroes of Ridley-Tree Cancer Center

Nov 20, 2020, 13:37 PM by OnCenter

Christi SatchwellLiz Morello

Some of the important work performed by Ridley-Tree team members is less visible to our patients, but their contributions are an essential part of the top- quality, multi-disciplinary care for our community. 


The first touch patients receive from our staff is an opportunity for them to learn about our model of cancer care, and to begin to build a relationship and trust with their care team. Our New Patient Intake Coordinators, Christi Satchwell, Liz Morello and Mary Montalvo, are a big part of that process. They work with patients to record all of the critical information the team will need to provide care. They answer questions and introduce patients to the many programs and services that Ridley-Tree offers. Often when patients first learn they have cancer, they can be nervous, anxious or scared.

“We are able to provide peace of mind and ensure they receive the best possible care,” shares Liz. “I look at my job as, ‘if I was given a diagnosis of cancer or a hematologic diagnosis, how would I like to be treated?’” says Christi. “The most rewarding thing for me is making a difference in the lives of our patients. I give comfort, listen, and offer support and empathy.” 


Jennie Rodriguez

Assistance in handling the financial hurdles that come with a cancer treatment plan is one of the great benefits of care at Ridley-Tree. Our Patient Financial Counselors Cat Morales and Jennie Rodriguez are experienced with helping patients navigate the maze of insurance coverage and benefits, as well as all the possible expenses associated with cancer care. “Our goal is to take that strain off them as much as possible and get them whatever resources they need early in their care,” states Cat, Supervisor of Oncology Patient Financial Services. The team’s many years of experience in billing, finance and the community partners which offer aid is a tremendous asset for patients. “I started at the Cancer Center at age 15 as a Medical Records Clerk. I grew up here under the guidance of some amazing people,” adds Cat. “When you see the dedication, the sacrifice and the love for what people do here, it motivates you and pushes you forward.” Team members like Cat, along with Authorization Specialists Jenny Honafius, Patty Nielson and Phillip Huffard also contribute to supporting the financial needs of patients.