Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Early Detection Saves Lives

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, and the third leading cause of cancer deaths in Santa Barbara County. Up to 80% of these deaths could have been prevented.

How can you prevent Colorectal Cancer?

Have a screening test for colorectal cancer starting at age 50. Screening tests can find or prevent many cases of colon and rectal cancer. Several different tests can detect this cancer. Talk with your doctor to decide which is best for you.

Do you have a family history of Colorectal Cancer?

If so, you may need to be screened earlier than age 50. Here are clues to look for in your family:

  • Family history of colon cancer under age 50
  • Family history of endometrial cancer
  • Two or more closely related family members with colon or endometrial cancer at any age
  • More than one type of cancer in the same family member (i.e. colon and endometrial cancer)
  • Family history of a rare type of cancer (i.e. ovarian cancer, renal pelvis or ureter cancer)


Schedule A Colonoscopy Appointment

The first step in preventing cancer is scheduling your screening colonoscopy by calling one of these local providers.

Sansum Clinic – Lisa Winebrenner at 805-563-5802
  • 317 W. Pueblo St, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics – Veronica Rivera at 805-690-6528
  • Eastside Neighborhood Clinic, 915 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
  • Goleta Neighborhood Clinic, 5580 Calle Real, Goleta
  • Westside Neighborhood Clinic, 628 W. Micheltorena St, Santa Barbara
  • Isla Vista Neighborhood Clinic, 970 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Santa Barbara Health Care Centers – Linda Maynes at 805-681-5482
  • Santa Barbara Health Care Centers, 345 Camino del Remidio, Santa Barbara
  •  Franklin Health Care Center, 1136 E. Montecito St, Santa Barbara
  • Carpinteria Health Care Center, 931 Walnut Ave, Carpinteria
American Indian Health – 805-681-7144
  • 4141 State Street #A1, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara VA Clinic – 805-683-1491 ext. 2; 2
  • 4440 Calle Real, Santa Barbara
If you do not have a Primary Care Physician, you may schedule a screening colonoscopy at:
  • Sansum Clinic, 317 W. Pueblo St, Santa Barbara - Lisa Winebrenner - 805-563-5802
  • Digestive Disease Consultants, 221 W. Pueblo St, Santa Barbara - 805-563-0024 ext. 1
  • Santa Barbara Gastroenterology, 2403 Castillo St, Suite 201 - 805-682-3585
  • Advanced Surgical, 520 W. Junipero Street, Santa Barbara - 805-706-8378
A limited number of no-cost colonoscopies are available to those who qualify

For assistance with scheduling, or questions about no-cost colonoscopies, please call the Ridley Tree Cancer Center at Sansum Clinic at 805-879-5678.


Colon cancer screenings save lives!